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Review of: L'Oreal Excellence Blonde Legend!

25 August 2014

Like many unnaturally blonde people I have tried what feels like MILLIONS of different dyes and products on my hair hoping that one day I will find one that works a miracle and honestly I've never found that one product... at the time of writing this post I haven't touched bleach since the beginning of May (4 months ago!) as it really ruined my hair the last time I used it as you can see below...

So my roots have gotten pretty long, I'd say about 2 inches... they look pretty gross but I'm happy I have given my hair a few months of a breather as it's in much better condition now! I have naturally very dark brown hair as you can see, so unluckily for me the only way I can lighten my roots is by bleaching, where as those with naturally lighter shades can get away with a tint.

So I stumbled across this new L'Oreal dye when shopping the other day called "Blonde Legend" (I am absolutely loving the name of the new range too btw!) so I did a quick Google on my phone to see if there were any reviews but nada. So I am going to give mine! 

I am using the "Natural Beige Blonde 8.03" colour - and on the back of the box where it shows you what results they have predicted they have a result for black to dark brown, and there's quite a difference in lightening and it looks a nice colour so I thought why not give it a go!

The front of the box also claims to have "Pro-Keratin, Ceramide & Collagen" which are all meant to benefit the health of your hair and it also says that it "strengthens, protects and replenishes" that with the amount it claims to lighten seems almost too good to be true right!? Right...

The box comes with a protective serum that you put on your hair before applying the dye, so I applied the protective serum to the ends of my hair as they're the most fragile parts of my hair. Once I had done putting all the serum on I begun to squeeze to two tubes of the dye together, I instantly smelt the familiar smell of bleach, which they didn't claim upfront but if you read the small print it does say it contains peroxide... I wouldn't get annoyed with that though as they were going to need some form of lightening agent to achieve the colour they are stating so I proceeded in mixing the solutions and applied the mixture to my hair.

Once it was all applied to my hair I sat and waited around for a tad longer than 30 minutes (which is the time they recommend) as my roots are sooo dark. When I thought enough time had passed I washed the mixture from my hair and before I dried my hair I could already see my roots had turned orangey. Not even a blonde bassy orange but a dark orange colour...

Overall I would definitely not recommend this to people with dark brown to black hair... If you have dark brown or black hair you will have to use a high volume bleach I'm afraid, it's the only thing that has ever worked for myself when it comes to root touch ups... I reckon this would work really well on lighter shade of hair. One benefit I did get from this dye is my hair still feels healthy meaning the protective serum did it's job! Even though I didn't get the desired result I didn't ruin my hair in the process which is always a bonus when using a peroxide based product!

Emma xo


  1. I hate when hair dyes don't manage to bring the results they are claiming to be bringing. I mean, it's your hair, it's one of the most visible parts of your body -.-
    But at least it didn't harm your hair either....
    best, Lou

  2. Aww, such a shame it didn't quite work out for you. I have never dared to bleach my hair for fear of ruining it. It's annoying though, I really want to have cool lilac hair but just couldn't do it for this reason.

    Reflection of Sanity

    1. I'd be lying to you if I said bleach weren't damaging! I have just used it excessively in the past with a care free attitude towards it and I'm paying the price for it now... One off isn't bad but I've been colouring my hair for years now so it really depends on the persons hair :) x

  3. I'm just about to dye my hair with this, my hair is pastel pink atm. Should be a laugh lol