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Nip + Fab Kale Fix | Review

15 September 2015
Don't we all just love new product releases? The latest products I am showing you today are from the latest line, by the one and only Nip + Fab. You know, the brand Kylie Jenner is an ambassador for? (a tad Kardashian obsessed over here, soz. But who can blame me right...) And is also the (cheaper) sister brand of the mighty Rodial! I'm pretty much obsessed with Nip + Fab, every product I have tried I have fallen in love with. And considering kale seems to be the new 'in thing' when it comes to skincare and healthy eating I'm sure that their new line is going to follow suit.

The make-up removing pads were the first product I tried out from the trio. The very first thing I noticed when opening them was the scent, obviously smelling like all things green... Like kale is green. You get my drift, it smells healthy. If healthy had a smell... #topscentdescription. I use two pads in total for each use, one removing my foundation/base and the other for my eye make-up. I had a few doubts in the back of my mind as to if it would remove my eye makeup without me having to scrub it (like some micellar waters) but I was pleasantly surprised, my eye make-up came away just as easy as my face make-up did. Also as the pads have kale and watercress exact, they had left my skin feeling touchably soft, as if I had already done the next step of my skincare regime. 

Like the make-up removing pads, the moisturiser contains kale and watercress to help soften the skin (and giving it that 'healthy' smell) but it also has shea butter, almond oil AND aloe vera to add to its moisturising qualities. Honestly I was already feeling a difference to my skin after just using the make-up pads, but this was 10x even better for the dry areas of my face.. Not so much for the other areas... Wooo combination skin! The moisturiser has quite a thick consistency which always makes me a bit nervous to put on my skin, but my skin absorbed the product quickly leaving me with even softer skin after the make-up removing pads! 

Last, but not least is the clay mask. Now the only clay mask I have used in the past is the Botanics Shine Away mask, (which I still love) that mask comes out green, then after being on your face a couple of minutes it dries up, becomes chalky and cracked meaning it is time to wash it off. So I instantly assumed that this mask would be the same type of thing, but I was wrong. It reminded me of the moisturiser but was a much thicker consistency (like a mask should be, duh Emma). After doing my research I realised that both masks claim to draw away unwanted impurities, except Nip + Fab's Kale Fix Clay mask actually does it without drying out the skin. Which is great to get the same benefits on non-oily parts of my face and I do love it, but the reason I love the Botanics mask is because of the drying out part, drawing out the oils from my skin, particularly my nose/t-zone. 

As much as I have loved this new Nip + Fab line, like I knew I would, it only has one skin type in mind which is dry or combination, which it is amazing for and I 100% recommend it for you guys! But for those with more oily skin types, this range offers too much moisturising capabilities for you to feel any benefits from using the products, so it will be better for you to save your pennies this time around.

Emma xo

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