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Body Shaming

18 March 2016
Body shaming, if it's skinny shaming or fat shaming, it's not okay. Some people can't help being skinny, some people can't help being big, some people choose to be skinny and some people choose to be big. You don't know someone's story so don't attack them from their first appearance.

I truly believe in the saying that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' as everyone is attracted to different things and people, that's just life. For example, the photo above is me and my best friend, Abi. We're scarily similar in so many ways, that's probably what 7 years of friendship will do to you... But we like the same movies, have the same sense of humour, both love beauty and so on. Our one big difference is that she is skinny, and I am big.

When we go out together, club, bar, pub, she will attract a certain type of guy and I will attract another, the guys she attract obviously like the slender figure and the guys I attract obviously like the fuller figure (trying to not call myself fat here, ha!). I know ex's of mine have been like 'I could never be with a skinny girl I'd be scared I'd break her' I don't know if they were just saying that because they thought it's what I wanted to hear or what, but I actually think it is extremely rude and completely not true, they obviously just were not attracted to that body type but that doesn't give them the right to be rude about it. And I know ex's of Abi's have expressed to her that they are attracted to skinnier girls. It is 100% okay to be attracted to one body type over the other, us girls definitely do it too, but being rude about the one you're not attracted to isn't okay.

As much as I am aware of my body I find that I'm not really 'shamed' for it, the last time I can remember anyone being rude about my weight and calling me 'tree trunks' (which btw, I am proud of, big thighs/butt are not a bad thing) was when I was 15, but this was 6 years ago now!? It almost feels like fat shaming is dying out, but skinny shaming is coming in badly, and I'm writing this as a bigger girl. Everywhere you look it's skinny this, skinny that. But because so many people in the World perceive the word 'skinny' as a compliment it isn't as frowned upon when people are 'skinny shamed' which is ridiculous as it is just as bad as calling someone fat.

I know I've been on a bit of a rant but what I'm ultimately trying to say is you cannot insult someone for being skinny but think it's okay because some people would consider it a compliment, many people who would be classed as 'skinny' do not. We are all beautiful, learn to love your body regardless of the size, we only get one life do not spend it worrying too much about your size!

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