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How much is my make up worth?

14 March 2016
About a year ago I done a post where I totalled up how much my make up collection was worth. A year on and many more purchases, products running out, etc later I was once again intrigued to find out how much it was all worth...

Brushes (and cleaners)
20 items = £182.63 (+ £40.65 from 2015)

Primers (eyes and base)
13 items = £190.45 (+ £137.96 from 2015)

Foundation (powder & liquid) 
16 items = £312.84 (+ £173.57 from 2015)

14 items = £245.97 (+ £185.90 from 2015)

23 items = £650.90 (+ £448.55 from 2015)

19 items = £487.48 (+ £141.60 from 2015)

5 items = £47.49 (- £13.96 from 2015)

2 items = £10

7 items = £60.46 (+ £20.47 from 2015)

4 items = £81 (- £26.44 from 2015)

30 items = £439.88 (+ £285.49 from 2015)

Grand total = £2709.10 (+£1411.78)

This means that my collection has doubled in value over a year! This also includes me giving stuff to my Mum and running out of products... But in all honesty I'm not completely surprised with the increase and decreases of certain products. A year ago in July I had eyelash extensions done for the first time and now I'm hooked, meaning I haven't bought any new mascara as it would be pointless. So I've given my Mum all my mascaras and I kept the bit more pricey ones.

I've also been really getting into contouring recently and splashed out on a load of palettes, keep your eyes peeled for those review posts! You will probably get sick of hearing about contouring on my blog very soon...

If you want to do this post idea then feel free, as I would love to see how much others collections are worth so I can feel better about how much money I have spent on it all. as I'm sure I'm not the worst one out there!

Emma xo

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